Duration: 5'29"
Completed: Oct 2004

Synopsis: tuesday is a short film that shows the dance of a morning routine, a re-dreaming of the regularity in an urban relationship. It exposes the sublime in the mundane.

Director/Editor/Writer: Grace Walpole
Cinematographer/Editor: Anna Jefferies
Composer/Editor: David Corbet
Choreographers/Performers: Grace Walpole & David Corbet
Art Direction/2nd Camera: Fiona Haaz
Producer: Slightly Moving Productions

Guage: miniDV
Screening Formats: DVD, Betacam SP
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic

Screenings: Dança em foco, Napolidanza, Girls on Film (UK), Guerrilla Shorts (UK), Dance Flicks, Natimuk Frinj Film Festival

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