Duration: 1'35"
Completed: Jan 2008

Synopsis: A woman prepares and in a moment cut short we are shown her energy through a view from above. Her choreography reveals her story cut, spliced and re-spliced, constantly moving towards her preparation.

Director/Editor: David Corbet
Cinematographer: David Corbet
Composer: David Corbet
Choreographers: Paea Leach
Performer: Paea Leach
Producer: Slightly Moving Productions

Guage: miniDV
Screening Formats: DVD, DigiBeta PAL
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic

Screenings: Dance Screen (Sydney Festival, Australia | Jan 2008), Dance Flicks (Melbourne | May 2008), Cinedans (Amsterdam, Netherlands | July 2008), dança em foco (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil | August 2008)

Acknowledgements: P.I.C.A. - material developed during residency at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

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