Always there

Duration: 8'14"
Completed: Sept 2005

Synopsis: Always there is a character-based dance work that deals with memory, love, loss and being alone. How do the relationships we have had continue to inhabit our bodies and our routines? What remains with us? With me? Even when my bed is empty, why do I feel your warmth? How can I move on when you’re always there?

Director/Editor/Writer: David Corbet
Cinematographer: Leslie Eastman
Composer: Biddy Connor
Choreographers: Nicky Marr & David Corbet
Performer: Nicky Marr
Producer: Slightly Moving Productions

Guage: miniDV
Screening Formats: DVD, Betacam SP
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic

Screenings: Natimuk Frinj Film Festival, Napolidanza, Dance Flicks,International Festival of Cinema and Technology (LA)

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